Best Seller due 2015

Best Seller, born as Bert Seller, is on his way to his girl friend but his car broke down. Also his phone battery is out of power. Fortunately there is a cafe nearby. It is crowded. Some faces are familiar, or even all faces? But, there are all dead, are they?

Best Seller will be premiere at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2015. The trailer can be seen January 4th 2015.


Too many germs

Found this comic strip some years ago but without text. I came up with an alternative text after put some digital colours between the lines. The original comic was concepted for Broken Pencil (the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts).

The burn-out man



Van der Pen: Speak English or die!

I wonder that some journalists abroad can't speak the language of the country properly where they are stationed. It seems a little awkward to be depending on a dragoman.



Een andere versie van 'n TYPES gagstrip. Getekend in 2013. Deze tekst is van 2014. Ondertussen ben ik hard aan de slag met BEST SELLER.


Beroep: sollicitant, sterrenbeeld: hufter

Naast mijn tekentafel ligt nog een stapel geschetsten TYPES gags, en sommige stripjes zijn nog best grappig. In de loop van de komende maanden zet ik ze online (op deze blog, maar ook op de TYPES/TYPEN blog en eventueel elders). Dat geldt ook voor het ongepubliceerde TYPES album Nederlandisme uit 1994, met voorwoord van Kamagurka.
©2014 VaGé


Is this your boss?

Or is she just your sister-in-law? What we know, she uses Yves Rocher lipstick.

©2013/2014 Johan B.G. Vandenblink