MMXV: Only Women Bleed

[drawings by Matina Blinndauer] © 2015 Martina Blinndauer/Johan B.G. Vandenblink - WTF will be published soon.


Best Seller due 2016

Best Seller, born as Bert Seller, is on his way to his girl friend but his car broke down. Also his phone battery is out of power. Fortunately there is a cafe nearby. It is crowded. Some faces are familiar, or even all faces? But, there are all dead, are they?

Synopsis: http://garrulusglandariusenterprises.blogspot.com/2014/06/best-seller-by-johan-bg-vandenblink.html

Best Seller will be premiere at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2016. The trailer can be seen January 4th 2016.


404 Error? 303 Eurror!

February Blues will continue in March (limited album available April - get in touch for details). In the meantime I'm (re-)writing two scripts: EURROR (Roter Zombie) and Best Seller. Soon I can show also some new PePe/XiXi gags which will be featured in the '22' album (in China! This fall).


MMXV: Nice Ass!

[drawings: 'Martina Blinndauer'] ©2015 Johan B.G. Vandenblink/Martina Blinndauer {February Blues continues next week}