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Too many germs

Found this comic strip some years ago but without text. I came up with an alternative text after put some digital colours between the lines. The original comic was concepted for Broken Pencil (the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts).


A journey through a field of feelings

How long have you been creating art for?

Quiet long already. Since 1980 but I dare not to call that art... Those were just kiddy drawings... I made my first painting in 1996. Between painting I still create comic strips, cartoons and illustrations for magazines.

What is your background, did you study art or are you self taught?

I am an autodidact but I guess life as itself can be a very good, never-ending study. I am a journalist as well so sometimes I get the change to speak artists and squeeze some (especially for me very interesting) information out of them... And reading about art can be a learning school also.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

Ink and charcoal. And water-colours. I am old school. Coloring on computer or even drawing without pencil and pen seems like playing drums on a keyboard. A kind of fake...

Where did the idea for Qvaestio come from?

Last year I was in a mental dip, a sort of depression, and by searching for an explanation, I was sure that a happening during my youth must be reason why I felt that way, I transformed my thoughts into those of my dog. He was a while really my only and best friend. So perhaps he could give me an explanation. When I was out of that dark situation I work this idea into a story. If possible how would look a memory of a dog? It has to be without words and judgment. That would only be images. And in case of my dog, which had a bad sight, it could be expressive and psychedelic. I know that dogs just see black and white... but I don't believe that...

Tell me about the artwork that runs through Qvaestio – what story does it tell?

It's the life story of my dog as I interpret it. And I guess he was kicked when he was a small puppy. It gives an explanation why he was afraid for strangers. When he arrives at our home he has to deal with a loud Chihuahua. Being also afraid to be left alone my dog must have made a journey through a field of feelings. Sharing his happiness - stones were his best friends - he seemed to judge people for his body language and the way they watch. Indeed, the human factor in a dog which we people like to think to see. Being witness by a suicide attempt, being the savior, a spoil-sport in a love relation, a friend of nature... my dog must have has an exiting life.

What do you hope viewers take away from Qvaestio?

It would be a great thing to read or hear that somebody just has a kind of feeling. Something you get when you listen to a certain song. Or experience by smelling in fall….

Interview/text: Emma Bergmeier

©2009 X-Press Magazine, Perth, Australia