FALL, an episode from Hh. Q.X. Oryx draws the idea first in 1994. I painted FALL last week.

Trailer 'Skøl/На здоровье'

Soon the Skol, Na Strovje, На здоровье aka Prost Trailer is ready. Finally there will be 27 versions of this graphic novel! Published in print as well just online. Last version is planned for December 31st 2019.



©2004/2013, Johan BG Vandenblink - These are not the final versions but I like just to give an impression of the 333-666-999 books. On hold.


Too many germs

Found this comic strip some years ago but without text. I came up with an alternative text after put some digital colours between the lines. The original comic was concepted for Broken Pencil (the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts).