©2010/2020 Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar - A couple of years ago I rediscovered some old ZJARO scenarios and comics. Drawed or written for my own mainly unpublished comic magazine IMPOSSIBLE/ONMOGELIJK/UNMÖGLICH but some ideas should be used. Not for a comic but an animation movie. Working title is ZJARO & LIMGA.

Synopsis: Zjaro, a jackdaw who can't fly, meets a small exotic bird. Her name is Limga and has all the colours of the rainbow. Limga shall teach Zjaro to learn to fly. "In thirteen lessons, you can fly!", promises Limga. Will the ugly jackdaw ever take off? Is Limga a wizzard bird? Is Limga really born in Peru? Why do Zjaro like salami so much? Is stand-up comedian Heron an alcoholic?